Fruitvale Design and Mfg Hub


This property is made up two large buildings; one tall modern, steel clad and framed building and the other an original timber framed building. The historical use of the space was the manufacturing of pails for specialty paints. The barrel vaulted roofs and the original timber posts remained sturdy and appeared to still be up to task, but new standards and codes required the addition of many structural steel supports, new expansive concrete pads and the additional elements typically required during a seismic structural upgrade. With planning permission granted, we began separating the spaces into more manageably sized commercial and offices units. We initiated a major interior and exterior refitting and reworking which included all new copper water piping, a complete new high powered electrical service, a new exterior facade, new accessible bathrooms and the installation of new separation walls between both buildings. All vehicular and pedestrian doors were replaced and the original outward facing period windows were refurbished to new “as new” condition. The building houses several business including well know Blank and Cables and MakeWorkSpace, to name a few.


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